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Design Services

Commercial Kitchen    design services provides customers with the option of a reduced professional kitchen design services plan, kitchen remodeling services and consultant investment which when broken down can save you an estimated $30,000. Since most health departments require a design plan, the most cost-benefiting route to take is Ckitchen’s customer offer. The Health Department is adamant about following sanitary and health codes which is a costly necessity. Providing you with kitchen equipment & restaurant equipment suggestions to fit your space, activity, and time will help you reduce the amount of waste and utility use within your business. Commercial kitchen design & food service equipment for kitchens, restaurants and bars from Consultation & design plans also consist of an educated experience in product efficacy. The estimated savings in this category of the design plan usually exceeds 15% of the final project. Consultants will assist you in making the right decisions on products and overall design in order to increase work flow and reduce spending. This section of the consultation also includes automation savings and a focus on workers comfort. Our consultants will help you increase space for a more relaxed seating and work environment. Customers have noted that this factor of their business has boosted their operations profitability. Instead of gutting out walls or inserting extra columns in a space, our kitchen design team will brainstorm to help you work with what you have and reduce the overall cost of construction.

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Our package includes:

  • Consultation & menu review
  • Preliminary design
  • Value engineering
  • AutoCAD - design plan
  • Equipment plumbing plan
  • Equipment electric plan
  • Equipment ventilation plan
  • Hood ventilation plan
  • Equipment specification book
  • Assistance with seating and table setting selection
  • Rebate towards equipment
  • Equipment low price guarantee

Market segments:

Rikers Island Hilton Hotel Roadhouse New York Aquarium

Food Service Consulting & Design Partial Benefits Analysis

Based on an average net cost of $4000 ($6000 minus a $2000 rebate)
A) Kitchen design plan required by most heath departments. Estimated value: $2,000
B) Kitchen equipment electrical, plumbing, and ventilation plans required for construction and building departments. (This cost can potentially be far more if prepared by an engineer.) Estimated value: $2,000
C) Implementation of sanitary and health codes required by Health Department and subsequent health inspectors. This will also reduce the possibility of food poisoning. Estimated value: $1,000
D) Utility and rubbish reduction as part of the equipment selection. Targeted areas include refrigeration, ventilation, dishwashing and cooking. Minimum estimated yearly savings: $7,000
E) Menu vs. equipment review with value engineering of equipment choices and requirements. This review will remove equipment that is not absolutely required to produce desired results. Brand selection is included in this review. So for instance, we would weigh the benefits of a combi-steamer -- which would produce larger (and more succulent) yields and would reduce cleaning time (with its self-cleaning mode) --versus a standard convection oven with a substantially reduced up-front cost. Estimated savings could easily exceed 15% of the overall project.
F) Labor savings as part of the design. Situating work areas for a faster and smoother work flow. Also includes review of potential savings through automations and workers comfort. Many operators will realize substantial savings in this area.
G) Utilizing available space effectively can result in more room for customer seating and a comfortable work environment that leads to an efficient pace of operation. Many operators will realize a more profitable operation.
H) Construction fit-out costs are substantially reduced by designing around existing field conditions and utilities. Estimated savings: $5000 - $15,000
So, the total estimated benefits of a $4000 design and consultant investment can yield over $30,000 in savings
Of course, there are many other advantages to utilizing the services of a qualified food service design consultant that are not quantifiable. For instance, advice on the quality of one brand over the other, overall operational issues etc.

Customer Service by Phone

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