Blast chillers are best for hard ice cream and for the preservation of ice cream for longer durations. Ice cream comes out of the batch freezer at a temperature of +19°/+16°F; at this point it still contains 30% water, which is responsible for rapid aging. Instead, shock freeze at 0°F or +10°F; the water in the ice cream is transformed into micro-crystals that maintain initial quality intact and do not ruin the structure.


Portioning tools like an ice cream disher help to not only ensure similar scoop sizes but are also great at creating a smooth, rounded scoop every time. Be sure to store these in your dipper well between use. Dippers utilize defrosted liquid in the handle for easier scooping. When your ice cream dishers and dippers are not in use, you’ll want to store them in a filled dipper well. This keeps the scoop clean while ensuring that ice cream transfer between flavors is kept to a minimum.

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